Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's Time to Assess Your Assessments

You may or may not be a proponent of assessments but studies show that they are becoming more and more popular in hiring, selection, promotion and succession. And well they should as they have enormous value in accelerating knowledge regarding a key business indicator -- behavior.  

Success or lack thereof in business is all about behavior!

If assessments not apart of your HR toolkit, why not? For many it could be a lack of understanding about them or the fear of cost versus benefits. I've just posted a resource page on my website to help you think through the use of assessments.  It includes generic information as well as specific information about the ones I've chosen to use in my practice and why.

This post is a natural follow up to my recent discussion about bias in interviewing and how assessments can help to counteract that.

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Additionally, great advice comes from the Harvard Business Review:   How to Use Psychometric Testing in Hiring

Is it time for you and the hiring managers within your organization to assess your assessments -- or lack thereof?  As a fellow talent management colleague I encourage you to do so  This current candidate market calls for more savvy than ever before, assessments help us be just that!

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