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Pretend for a moment we are sitting in a coffee shop having a cup of coffee or tea discussing your business.  We would eventually discuss what I consider to be the most critical items that impact maximum operations and growth.

I write posts with that in mind. So I wanted to curate them (some from LinkedIn) to save time and make it easier to find. These I believe to be the most helpful and valuable. Their core themes directly relate to effective leadership, business operations and decision-making. I recommend you bookmark this page and also share with your leadership team, which should include your HR counterpart. I really do write from a perspective that if the reader takes actions, thousands of dollars (and for some of my clients) millions of dollars can be made or saved. There is money in this list!

Note: Many of these were written prior to our rebranding. Please contact us at our new email address and website for any inquiries. Em: | Many of the offers still stand, but the links may not work... we're in the process of updating them.

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Are You Ignoring This Great Business Advice

After 20 Years In Business - Here's Some Advice

What's Holding Back Your Business May Not Be What You Think

How to Absolutely Minimize Employee Problems

The #1 Barrier to Substantially Improving Your Operations

3 Crucial Paradigm Shifts for Unparalleled Leadership Development

A Fantastic Twist to KPIs You'll Quickly Want to Use

Did You Know Positive Qualities Produce Profits?

7 Powerful CEO Insights from Microsoft's Culture Reset

The Top 5 Leadership Conditions That Sabotage Company Growth

Does Your Leadership Have Your Talent on Lockdown?

It's Time To Stop Perpetual Bad Practices With Employee Training

The One Thing An Employee Training Won't Fix

Top 15 Ways Key Leadership Can Waste Money This Year

THE Most Overlooked Resource to Manage Employee Problems

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