Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Helicopter Parents Impede Professional Growth & Hiring Possibilities

Opening comments: I wrote this piece a while back and it's now gotten a second life with the recent interview for the NBC article: Here's a career tip: Leave mom and dad at home. I appreciate Alison's +Allison Linn perspective as she writes it from the view of the young adult and boundaries with parents.

Apparently it won't die as I did similar interviews a year ago for 2 HR publications.

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I'm not going to make any assumptions as I start this post.  Have you ever heard of a 'helicopter parent"?  If not, here's what it is -- it's a parent who attempts to run a child's life into adulthood. In their sincere desire to help, they do not give their children a chance to "do on their own".

Why am I writing about this? Because the helicopter behavior has begun substantially spilling over into professional activities such as job searches, interviews and performance reviews to name a few. (In Allison's article a dad actually did the phone interview for the child - what!)

As I've traveled across the country conducting professional development seminars, I have heard many a helicopter story from HR professionals -- some to the point of absurdity!  So how do you as an HR professional handle it? Do you have any policies or philosophies in place?

I was interviewed on this topic, the results of which appeared in 2 different HR publications.  I am posting the main link first because it has many comments.

If you know of one - please share this article and ask them to pay particular attention to the subsequent comments! They need to know!

Main link: Site - HR Hero - http://www.hrhero.com/hl/articles/2012/07/26/helicopter-parents-of-young-employees-soaring-into-the-workplace/

It also appeared on Human Resources Journal

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