Sunday, September 9, 2012

What's Happening - Updates

Update: great promotional placement in the Finance Section of the Telegraph Uk this week - scroll to middle - look right:

News, Upcoming Events and Projects...

First. I am excited to report that I have past 11,000 followers on Twitter! I love my Twitter Family. You'll usually find me under these hashtags:  #leadership #management #1%EdgeApp, #swchat, #SocMe #hrtech #hrtechchat #mlearning #quote #timemanagement #productivity #career #Tchat #hr #SHRM #ASTD through-out the week.  You can follow here: @joanncorley

ABWA Reno - I'll be speaking for an ABWA Fundraiser event. I am honored. Anyone in the area on Sept. 25 - here is the link for more info.

We're continuing to move forward with exciting plans for being a North America content partner for The Daily Telegraph - Uk's online version as a Career & Work Life Contributor.  There will be regular articles, a feature in their Career Newsletter, and the possibility of an advice column called Ask The Coach. 

Here are links to my current articles:
Going Mobile - Strange New Powers
Power Up Your Leadership Effectiveness With Skilled Decision Making
Managing Email is Managing Time

I'm continuing to work on the final version of a complete management training program that will be housed and delivered via my app - The 1% Edge Portable Coach.  As a prelude to that, I'll be releasing a mini-course on getting results. If you haven't downloaded the app - I invite you to do's free - so try it. Get app info. here  My goal is become a global leader in retail mobile learning for professional development.

And, we are in final stages of releasing Love Notes - a wonderful self empowerment journal for women with my collaborator Linda Fitzgerald, Founder of Affiliated Women Internation. @lindaawi

It's proving to be an engaging exciting month of September.

Wishing you a happy, meaningful, get the results you want kind of week!

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