Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Announcement of Latest Project - It's Sooo Exciting!

If you are interested in mobile or social learning, or technology in learning, you'll want to read this. #hrtech #hrtechchat #mlearning #Socialhr #swchat #astd

Starting this week I will begin putting together components of an upcoming management training program that will be delivered through the #1%EdgeApp.

In that effort, I will be sampling various authoring and delivery tools. If you want to follow the experience, I'll be sharing updates via this hashtag: #1%EdgeApp

The test?... ease of use, ease of sharing and can it be used within my app platform. If you want to view it on the app - ck out the tab on the app Mobile Sharing (things will start surfacing in the next few days).

If you don't have the app (it's free and available on all smartphone platforms)


My Ultimate Goal?...to have a training and development program for managers worldwide.  Having it mobile - creates great opportunity global! As they say in the world of mobile, "There's an app for that!"

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