Wednesday, March 18, 2020

How to Successfully Manage Being Home - Free Resources


Though I'm know for the work I do in HR, leadership/management and the topics surrounding them like emotional intelligence, for those who know me, they know my work is holistic - taking in the whole human experience in business.

That's why over the years I've conducted workshops/seminars on complimentary topics to support that approach - 2 of which have been creativity and organization/time management.

In light of the present circumstances, I'd like to offer these resources free. Both are very relevant to this current times. Recommended below are some suggested uses. Feel free to enjoy and share!

|> Resource 1

Did You Know Being Creative Relieves Stress?
Yep it sure does!! Not to mention it's a ton of fun. And also, it's necessary to keep our thinking agile which is key to adpating to new circumstances.

So there are so many uses for creativity! Besides the above it..
-can help with problem solving
-bonding a team (virtual and other wise)
-has a calming effect
-brings joy
-builds a team culture of inclusion
and many more.

So here are some recommended uses:
For Yourself:
-manage your stress
-activities w/ your kids
-keep growing and/or managing your business - with potentially new ideas

For Your Team:
- do virtual team bonding - with a fun creative thinking activity
- use as a way to help them to stay positive

Important point: engaging in creative activities releases chemicals from the brain that improve mood, feelings of happiness and joy. I wrote a blog post about my personal experience which inspired the post. 11 Reasons Why Every Company Should Have A Creative Thinking Workshop...At Least Once a Year

3 Creative Thinking Resources
- Feel free to use this complimentary copy of the book/ distribute as needed. 

- If you'd like a more formal "hour of creative power" for your team. I am happy to do our viritual Power Up Your Creative Thinking Virtual Experience and I'm happy to discount the typical price. click here to learn more

- I'm going to be doing a live - creative power hour in the next few weeks (free) and if you'd like to notified  - email me: - put in the subject line CREATIVITY - that's it. Pass on the word!

|> Resource 2

Is It Time to Re-Organize?
I've already been thinking, "Now that I'm home more, what have I been putting off doing?" Well, one thing for sure - for me - is cleaning out closets, definitely the garage...and my office."

There is also, for some, the question of how do I need to restructure my time as I work from home and with my family.  And for those of you managing remote team, "How do we collective stay focused and productive?"

Though there are plenty of "how to manage remote teams" resources, make sure and start with managing yourself and home life first or else any measure of chaotic vibe could be translated onto your team, and you don't want that. Model what you want from them and share your successes as you all work together!

This book will help! It was written as a companion to my very popular seminar of the same name - which has been shared with thousands throughout North America for the past 15 years. Here is the book link and the audiobook version- mp3 - enjoy!

Declutter - Teleconference  - Part 1 | Part 2   | Transcript e-book

If you have any questions regarding any of the content or needs - feel free to email me: | If you'd like a webinar on time management or any content related to the book. I'm happy to do so, just shoot me an email and we'll chat - and even customize if needed.

Join the Creative Fun on Twitter! Follow our Creativity Challenges on Twitter @joanncorley #GetCreative Search the hashtag or see the latest challenge at the top tweet of my feed. Jump in any time for a great mental diversion - mental break. Invite your friends, connect with a new community! 

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