Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The Top 10 Reasons Your Management Training Sucks

** New Release - A Kindle Short **

I'll tell you right off the bat, I struggled with using the word sucks. I really don't like it. My boomer corporate sensibilities were being trigger thinking of the title. I shared it with my husband - a fellow business owner - he chuckled and said, "Yep, makes the point. That's good."

I decided to use it because I feel so passionate about companies having great management, I felt I needed something to attract attention to this relentless, pervasive issue. 

I know that the head of SHRM this year, Johnny Taylor, has included this as a spotlight issue...I've been addressing it for 20+ years!

I do believe many decision-makers - business owners, founders, senior leaders and their HR partners are aware this is a need. And yet, the money spent to address it doesn't reflect the seriousness required.

Knowing about something and doing something about it are 2 different things.

There is a huge corporate, business blind spot when it comes to management training. Have you noticed it? It's evident by the relentless stories about incompetent managers or one more person added to the pool of the promoted with no training or support. 

And, it truly defies common sense. Managers have a direct impact on all parts of a business! Yet statistically, there is dramatically more money spent on recruiting - acquiring talent - than ensuring those managing that talent are capable! 

So, we just have to ask the obvious question. Why?

After 22+ years in the industry - from my years of observation - I decided to write this short e-book to answer that question. Honestly, it was a challenge to narrow it down to 10. So, I chose the 10 that if addressed, would be simple to act on and have the broadest positive financial impact. 

So, If you’re a decision-maker regarding management training and development, this will be the most powerful and profitable piece of content you’ll read in a while - that is… if you act on the information. 

You'll find it to be direct and straight to the point. In fact, many pages will have just a few words - perfect for the busy speed reader. Ha! 

How to Get It 
1. Email me for a complimentary pdf version: joann@manageglobal.solutions (or)
2. Amazon - if you're Kindle Unlimited, it's free - if not $2.99 (the best few bucks you'll ever spend!)

This e-book has 3 sections. The first is the top reasons why. Then, if you really care…if it really matters…if you really are tired of ad hoc, trial and error, throw it up against the wall and see if it sticks attempts at training that really don't work, Section 2 will help you calculate the potential cost of not having effective training – which most folks don’t know how to do.

And then…I hope that will be eye-opening and motivating enough to act on the solutions and recommended resources provided in Section 3. This section has proven solutions so that you can confidently take immediate action. They will absolutely get you meaningful, measurable financial results. Section 3 also contains some bonus articles you won't want to skip.

By the way, we call the “throw it up against the wall” approach the spaghetti method. There is also the spray and pray method...spray out a bunch of information - information dumps - and pray they get it…hopefully…at least something.

Just thinking here…hope is not a rational business strategy …#justsayin. How about we override hope with practical information and meaningful action!  Enjoy the read!

1. Email me for a complimentary pdf version: joann@manageglobal.solutions (or)
2. Amazon - if you're Kindle Unlimited, it's free - if not $2.99 (the best few bucks you'll ever spend!)

Got any questions or comments - don't hesitate connect: 
Em: joann@manageglobal.solutions 
And...feel free to share it with anyone you think would find it of value. 

By the way, if you're an Amazon fan and have an Echo or Alexa - you can access our mini-podcast Your Smart Management Moment via Alexa's Flash Briefings.

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