Tuesday, September 17, 2019

A Productivity Tip - Stop All Action! Huh?

A Productivity Tip - Stop All Action! Huh?

Doing nothing...could actually help you do more!

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I woke up this morning after being up rather late and knew that it was a crunch day.  Within the next 24 hours, I’d need to hop on a plane and be out of the office for the next few days.  In those few moments, I felt slightly pressured and overwhelmed which lead to a bit of emotional and mental confusion, (by the way, I call that “brain fog”).  What should I work on first?....what could wait until Monday?

I could have just barreled in, but time was precious I needed to work on what was most crucial.  I realized I couldn’t let the pressure “pressure” me into the wrong decision. So, I decided to take a 5-minute mind-clearing break (and it doesn’t even have to be 5, it could be less. It’s amazing what even a 1-2 minute clearing break can do.) I gave myself permission to step away from my desk, move into a physical space where I could clear my mind. 

Ah…a breakthrough!  Just giving myself permission to step away helped my mind calm down and my emotions to come to neutral. In the clarity of that moment, I was able to get a better view of what was crucial and what was not. 

Did you ever think that an effective time management strategy is not to do anything?...well at least for a moment...that in the not doing, you'll end up doing more!

Honestly, I've had days where I didn’t do what's described above first thing in the morning and ended up working on the wrong things at the wrong time. In those cases, a few critical things fell through the cracks; it wasn’t pretty.

What I’m describing is the power of a moment…a moment you take in the morning to gain clarity on the day that could make all the difference. I’m calling it the morning mindset.

You know it’s just harder to work in a fog; it takes more energy and the quality of your work can suffer.

So let me recommend 2 practices: “the morning mindset and mastering your moments. These truly are two great 1% edge practices that can net big results! (1% edge - if you can improve by 1% a day, you can dramatically improve your effectiveness in 70 days.)

Key Tip: Remember, moment management is fine-tuned time management!

I'm creating a very unique development experience for business owners and their senior leaders/managers. We'll be helping them become more effective executives. If you don't know if you truly are an "executive", you'll want to read this post. Many people are but don't consider themselves as such and therefore are not working at their full potential and not having the full impact they could. 

In that development experience, we'll be talking about how to manage a series of challenges...like staying clear to take the best action, to make the best decisions. Stopping, taking a pause for the cause, is one of these actions. Stopping so that you can do better and faster. Is one technique.

The short cycle app 6-9 weeks (haven't decided yet) will be launched sometime this fall. If you like to be notified, in case you like to learn more, just email me and put in the subject line: Effective Executive Initiative. I won't bombard you with emails. I'll simply put your name on the notification list. Em: joann@manageglobal.solutions

Update: Note: The need for effective execution in leadership and management is such a big deal...we've decided to create a special development intensive in this area. It's called The 3 Disciplines: How to Boost Your Executive Effectiveness in 60 Days. If you know you need to be more effective in achieving expected or needed results or you need to get better at strategic execution - learn more about this.

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