Thursday, May 16, 2019

Are You Losing Passion for Your Business?

I'm sooo excited to start a new series called "Coffee Talk"; the purpose of which is to encourage busy founders, entrepreneurs and/or their senior leaders to take just a few moments (take a "management moment") to learn something that will help them improve how they manage their business.

Our Goal: Help leaders manage their business better, so their business doesn't manage them. :-)

So..."take five" for an opportunity to grow as you go...

This Episode: Are you losing passion for your business? ....Having a love-hate relationship with it? Feeling overwhelmed or as if the business is swallowing you up? / Duration: 5:19

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Welcome to Coffee Talk, I got to get this right, with JoAnn Corley. I'm here today to help you run your business better so your business doesn't run you. Each Coffee Talk, I'll be addressing pressing challenges and answering Q&A. If you have a question related to your business, whether it's managing people, process, or time, DM me either on Instagram or on Facebook and I'll be happy to include an answer to your question in the upcoming Coffee Talks and I'll make sure you are tagged so you know you're getting your answer. Okay, let's get started. Today's dilemma, your passion for your business is dying and you're feeling plumb exhausted. In fact, you fell in love with your business idea like a budding teenager and now it's turning into the worst day ever. You're thinking what have I gotten myself into? It's turned into a love/hate relationship. I'm going to give you three reasons why that might be possible, and then we're going to show some solutions and then some suggestions. Okay, here we go.

The first one is Superman/Superwoman syndrome. This is where someone feels they can do it all, and even do it better. But, that's a trap. The second is the fear of wasting time and money. You know, if I have to do it, I have to do it so that it can be done right, and doing it myself rather than delegating it saves time and money. The third is no one to delegate to. Meaning there's not someone you trust, you're not intimately familiar with the capabilities of your team, and/or you haven't hired right. Well, here's what I'm guessing is the number one answer to your dilemma. You've got to let go and delegate. The two key issues are either you're not familiar enough with your team's current capabilities or you haven't hired right and that you need to hire better.

Here are your recommended action items. You do need to assess your current team, be very clear on their capabilities, and practice incremental delegation. You're going to ask me well, what is incremental delegation? It's when you delegate with tight timelines so that you can check the work, coach, and build confidence in you and the team member, that when you delegate in the future you can do so freely and confidently. Herein lies the challenge. Many entrepreneurs and senior leaders really struggle with managing people, time, and process. Your ability to do that is part of the bigger picture in mastering your management. You've got to be able to know your team, know how to get results with your team, and accelerate the growth of your company through your team. And that's what we help with.

Important Point:
You've got to be able to know your team, know how to get results with your team,
and accelerate the growth of your company through your team.

You can see there is a bit of a challenge when you're Superwoman and Superman because the very reason why you started your business is that you're good at what you do and you're highly capable, but the reality is we're human beings and we have limits. The quicker we can understand and know those limits and build an effective, capable team around us, the more we can let go and really enjoy building our dream. Don't let building the dream rob you of the joy of it. But, you've got to build the team and have the team in place to help you do that. I know that you're there for a purpose. You want to realize a dream. You want to build financial security. All of that is highly capable, but you can't run out of steam as you do that. Having a (capable) team is important to your steam. Let me help if you can, or just hang out with me and click like and share and share with other entrepreneurs in your community. We're here to help you and support you. This is what I call your management moment. When we do coffee talks, it's your chance to sit back, take a breather so that you can continue to get good at running your business so your business doesn't run you. See you next time.

Good Question:
Are you running your business or is your business running you?

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