Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Debunking Diversity

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I am happy to announce I've added a new topic to my list of keynotes, conference break-outs and 1/2 day onsite seminars.  It's entitled - Debunking Diversity! 

I have needed to add this to my portfolio for a long time, but have resisted because I didn't want to do just any traditional diversity offering.

I decided to add it because I believe many offerings around this subject do take a traditional approach and in doing so minimize the impact desired.  I think sometimes approach matters, particularly with a popular and somewhat difficult topic and we certainly don't want attendees or employees saying again, "Oh no - not that topic!"  I hate when "training" is seen as torture and many times it is.

So what's the traditional approach you ask? Traditional in my view is when diversity is approached primarily through the lens of race and ethnicity and here's the irony -- reducing the view of diversity through this minimal criteria makes it -- well -- less diverse!

My view and experience with diversity is shaped growing up bi-racial. And so, it is my goal to make the understanding of diversity more diverse and in doing so, I believe people will begin to see they are way more accepting and more like those they otherwise would think they have little in common with. The topic/delivery is mind opening, heart opening, fun and entertaining.

Here's the elements covered - it includes 6 key areas:

  • Diversity defined - a broader view
  • The genesis of diversity - (a clue) it begins at birth
  • The evolution of diversity in family conditioning
  • The Story of Bias - how life experience shapes our individual customized bias and preferences in terms of how we view and interpret our everyday interaction with ourselves and others; also what it tells us about ourselves
  • Diversity debunked - is so much broader and dimensional than the way it’s expressed and we are much more inclusive than we think!
  • Diversity and inclusion the key to collective success

By the way, if you're looking for a fresh alternative to a traditional team building workshop -- this would be a great one! Also, like my creativity topic, it's a great topic addition to any conference type.

To chat about how this might fit into your conference offerings or onsite learning strategy for team development - feel free to connect here: joann@thehumansphere.com

For a full list of offerings - click here

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