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Looking Back to Plan Forward
It's been 20+ years since I hung out my shingle with a dream to build a successful business. I'm intimately familiar with the cocktail of initial feelings - you know ...that mixture of excitement, uncertainty, terror and can't turn back now passion.
Honestly I wouldn't have dreamed I'd be a recognized leader in my field, consistently name to a top list of something or other (most recently top 50 Global HR Influencers). And, in addition, married to an entrepreneur who owns two businesses and have 3 adult step children who own and run their own. Combined we employ over 125 people, and generate $30+ million in annual revenue -- and growing.
We truly represent and are living the daily challenges, hopes and fears of many business owners and leaders.
My Back Story Can Serve Your Future Success
As I was recently reflecting on my life to date, I came to an astonishing realization that I not only have 20 years experience in business, but an additional 20 years as a young professional. That's almost 2 generations - lordie!
I've also traveled extensively throughout North America teaching and speaking to thousands. This experience helped me gain a ground floor and c-suite view of business operations in a variety of context. I could tell you some stories!
One of the most significant lessons and observations gained, as I was exposed to the challenges of thousands of businesses small and large is that very few businesses have a dependable way to confidently, consistently get needed results with managers and teams...and this is with all the available “management and leadership training” available over that period of time.
I discovered there has been and still is a key missing ingredient to achieve that...the lack of knowledge and understanding regarding one simple, undeniable fact...

Human behavior is the essence of everything in business.

And..if business owners and their senior leaders (and HR counterparts) recognized this and knew how to effectively work with it, they could save tremendous amounts of time and money...and build thriving, sustainable businesses with much less stress.
So, I’ve made it my mission to fill this persistent gap and this is what makes our work distinct. We teach leaders how to profitably connect human behavior to the results they truly want! (Here’s a funny human truth about results - we always get them - they just may not be the ones we want!)
In fact, we help leaders create highly effective managers and teams within 90 days. Now I know that’s a bold claim! How can I make such a claim? Well, because we’ve already been consistently achieving this with clients and because we’ve meticulously weaved that missing ingredient - human behavior and related sciences -  into a 9 step management blueprint designed to be rolled out within that timeframe.
It’s absolutely amazing how much easier it is to run and grow a business when you include even simple principles of human behavior. It takes less effort from you and your management team, because science does the work. It becomes your operational, management partner.
What’s really cool is you don’t have to worry about the “skills” or lack there of a new, inexperienced managers. The blueprint is their roadmap. All they have to do implement the step-by-step process and trust the science. The human brain does the rest.

Their use is embedded into day-to-day operations, and integrated into your strategy to assist in achieving targeted results. 

Our approach is refreshingly different, unconventional and gets measurable results -- that’s why our clients love it!

If you’re a business leader or HR professional and have experienced the struggle of training and developing capable managers and teams that you can really trust and rely upon. If you’re tired of being relentlessly bogged down with people problems or wasting money on “trainings” that just don’t work - let’s have a conversation. You’ll want to learn more. Feel free to contact us to schedule a 30 minute Q&A. Ask us anything - we’re happy to chat. Click here

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