Learn-The Smart Management Blueprint

Though this introductory video was created for Business Owners / Entrepreneurs / Founders, anyone can benefit from viewing it. In less than 10 mins. you can get a quick overview of our blueprint and see how exceptionally useful it can be for you to get more of what you want as a leader/manager.

One update: We now call it The Effective Executive's Blueprint for Smart Management, to better align with our development offerings that focus on executive leadership training / senior management training for middle management - upper level management who are emerging executives.

By the way it is our goal to offer senior management & executive development beyond the typical executive leadership course offered as an academic certification program. We offer customized, weekly, live development opportunities for an extended period of time. We know that the most effective leadership training for senior managers is best done in real-time, relevant to their current responsibilities for period of time - not a one off program or course. Learning doesn't equal development.

1. Take the opportunity for a deep dive - a 55 min. instructional video. Learn how to use The Executive Advantage Blueprint for Smart Management to improve your operations, team performance while developing your managers’ capabilities and improving your “profit-ability”. We’ll also walk through a current client case study. It'll feel like a private tutorial. :-) As a reminder, just about any people management challenge you'll find addressed within the blueprint.

2. Or, if you’re ready to schedule a 30 minute Q&A call (ask us anything)…we’re here to listen and help where we can. Request a call

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4.  Subscribe to our Smart Management Advisory - sent a couple of times a month to support your business building efforts through better management insights and tips…and periodically it will include an invitation to non-members for our live, virtual consulting roundtables. We consider them masterclasses. It’s where we take a bit more time to explore how to improve a key business driver.

5. Start with yourself:  If you feel as if you need to improve your leadership/management as the key leader, owner, founder, senior leader or HR professional - check out our unique executive development offering - The 3 Disciplines: How to Boost Your Executive Effectiveness in less than 60 Days. (Don't let the word "executive" trip you up... many people are executives, but don't consider themselves such...learn what I mean here.)

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